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Are you trying to hide your silhouette on stand, trying to conceal movement at the moment of truth? Are you considering using burlap? Are you worried about creating more of a "blob"?


Crow's Nest is an easy to carry, simple to use blind system that uses natural foliage for concealment. There is no substitute for the real thing!!


Using a unique bracket system, Crow's Nest uses natural foliage to blend into the surroundings. Our system allows you to place up to eleven branches above and below you for complete 360 degree coverage, and holds them in place for restriction free shooting with any weapon.

Once you cut and install branches in the "green" state a few weeks before the season, the leaves will change color as the natural fall color changes occur.  The leaves on the cut branches will eventually end up in a dead leaf brown color, BUT! unlike living leaves that fall off once dead – the leaves on your branches will stay on the whole season.  A cut or dead branch is unable to create a bud and push the leaf off the limb. This gives you months of coverage!


Crow’s Nest comes in two versions—a ROOF bracket and a FLOOR bracket.  The ROOF bracket conceals your stand by positioning limbs out & above you, creating a background when viewed from below.  The “B” bottom bracket is designed so that the limbs come upward and around your stand, creating a canopy which camouflages you from below. You will achieve maximum coverage using both "A" and "B" brackets.  However, Crow’s Nest “B” can be used by itself, and provides complete coverage from beneath. 


Manufacturers note:

Crow's Nest can be used in many applications from ground blinds to concealing treestands. Most commonly used with hang ons, it can also be used with ladder stands. The installation process is fairly easy unless the tree is very large, making it difficult to reach around it to attach the "B" bracket. An additional elevating device (ladder) may be helpful.


Crow's Nest Blind System

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